Home Improvements in Upland, CA

Complex, large-scale home improvements in Upland, CA need the skills, resources and experience of a knowledgeable contractor. Taranto Construction, Inc. focuses exclusively on these transformative projects, to ensure our clients are seeing the benefits of quality craftsmanship and attention to detail in their homes.

If you’re planning a big home improvement project, get our experts involved as soon as possible. We specialize in helping you plan for and execute major renovations, updates and improvements. Some of our specialties include:

  • Room Additions:

    Thinking of adding a bedroom, office or extension of an existing space? We’re experts when it comes to room additions in Upland, CA. We’ll work with you to plan the scope, then build it as a seamless integration of your home.

  • Doors and windows:

    New doors and windows can make a huge difference on your energy bills and your daily comfort. Let us knock out those old, inefficient windows and replace them with beautiful new installations that work great. The same goes for doors!

  • Tenant Improvements:

    One of the best ways to attract reliable tenants to your property and get more out of your investment is to make necessary improvements. If you’re sitting on a list of big improvements and the time has come to make them, give us a call.

  • Large-scale projects:

    From complete basement finishing, to mother-in-law suite installation, to complete remodeling projects for first or second stories, we’ll help you unlock the full value of your home.

Gearing up for a big change in your home?

Contact Taranto Construction, Inc. today for more information about planning and budgeting. We welcome large-scale home improvement projects of all types, and we’ll work with you through the entire process to ensure they truly make your home a better place.

Reach us at 909-931-3233 to begin discussing your renovations with our team.

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